From the National Association of Scholars’ highly scholarly report into the University of California:

UC Santa Cruz’s colleges have core courses that all students in a given college must take. Many of these have reading lists that fit the same pattern. In the fall term of 2007, one college core course had
just two books: City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles by Mike Davis and Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail by Ruben Martinez. The first offers what one internet reviewer called “a hardline Marxist view of Los Angeles that, by employing only simple and misguided economic analysis, does not allow for the intricacies of the city’s problems.”

And in what scholarly source was this internet reviewer writing? An Amazon customer review.

(Source: latimes)

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  1. whatificantletgo answered: I live in an incredibly right-wing town. It’s annoying at times but it doesn’t change my viewpoints.
  2. andylouisqin answered: Isn’t it true that UC Berkeley houses the largest Republican Students Organization in the nation? The students aren’t doomed to leftist edu.
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    From the National Association of Scholars’ highly scholarly report into the University of California: And in what...
  4. rhizombie answered: lol i still can’t believe this
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  6. markhutt answered: At every age, we are all students who must keep it going. Bring in all voices, as long as they speak the truth in their teachings.
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    So let me guess who the people that did this study are: Mostly old, white, and predominantly if not entirely male. Am I...
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    I’ve been studying for a year in another country, and studying with students from all over the world, and learning about...
  10. alvinchristian answered: These are the same conservatives who want to get rid of ethnic studies in schools when history has been taught in a straight white male POV.
  11. rebecca-c answered: I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing…
  12. gleemie answered: The article says is all. This is a latest eruption of tension from older white men who see their intellectual social order crumbling.
  13. mywharton said: I’m afraid it’s true. I suspect that those with opposing opinions are made to feel like real outsiders. They are shut up..
  14. theinvisiblephiji answered: The sizes of these universities allows us to study such topics from classics to ethnic studies. I used to go to UCSB and this was available.
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  16. thought--dreams said: "a conservative group says." of course. so learning and understanding the struggles minorities face is weak and unbalanced then, huh? i can’t even with this "logic"
  17. tobeagoodman answered: If I lived anywhere else I’d be considered a bleeding heart Liberal. Here, I’m considered middle of the road. Kids need a balanced education
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    hmmm, thoughts?
  19. iseaanenome said: By personal experience I would agree with this. As posters here have echoed- there is belief that liberal interpretation of facts and events is ‘truth’. Disagree and be ridiculed and get a lower grade.
  20. thunderouspupil answered: No. Just no.
  21. edictalis answered: Not only is there no study there, they also consider a course trying to imagine “a more just, democratic, + ‘human’ society” as too left. WOW
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    Politically correct thinking? Heaven forfend! Having graduated from a college that did teach quite a lot of “politically...
  23. hovikstad said: Additionally, academia is inherently “liberal.” Dealing with facts, science, philosophy, minorities and poor people are almost exclusively liberal interests. (Jaded but true).