Trinketization with respect to Benjamin’s obsessions with kitsch – mediation between magic and positivism « trinketization


To express this another way: the theological motif of calling things by their names tends to switch into the wide-eyed presentation of mere facts. If one wanted to put it rather drastically, one could say your study is located at the crossroads of magic and positivism. This spot is bewitched. Only theory could break this spell – your own resolute and salutarily speculative theory. (Adorno to Benjamin 10 November 1938, Benjamin/Adorno 1994/1999:283).

But did Benjamin want to “break the spell”? Thinking of his description of the dreamer who, awakening,  seeks to “turn the lining of time to the outside,” it seems to me that Benjamin’s approach to bewitchment would be rather different from Adorno’s.

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