This is a link to an Op-Ed in the LA Times.


At the UC, you learn that a failure to properly cite your sources is plagiarism, and if you do so you will likely get an F in the class, and may face further sanctions, potentially including expulsion. John M. Ellis and Charles L. Geshekter, in the report they refer to here, fail at various points to properly document their sources, presumably to hide just how weak these sources are. Apparently, if you commit plagiarism at a right-wing think tank, you not only get to keep your job, you get to write an LA Times op-ed.

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Gonna join the National Association of Scholars


Gonna write reports based on YouTube comments and celebrity Instagrams.

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From the National Association of Scholars’ highly scholarly report into the University of California:

UC Santa Cruz’s colleges have core courses that all students in a given college must take. Many of these have reading lists that fit the same pattern. In the fall term of 2007, one college core course had
just two books: City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles by Mike Davis and Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail by Ruben Martinez. The first offers what one internet reviewer called “a hardline Marxist view of Los Angeles that, by employing only simple and misguided economic analysis, does not allow for the intricacies of the city’s problems.”

And in what scholarly source was this internet reviewer writing? An Amazon customer review.

(Source: latimes)

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